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Terry Lampiasi

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Mobile: (256) 679-8006
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Lampiasi Management Group
1618 Slaughter Rd St A
Madison, Alabama, 35758
(256) 325-3681
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Terry Lampiasi reviews

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July 2016 

If you are looking for a property manager, I highly recommend Terry Lampiasi.  She has been managing our 2 rental properties in
Madison for the past 5 years.  Terry handles everything to include finding renters, ensuring they are credit worthy and any maintenance issues that occur.  My husband and I used to manage our properties ourselves, however; working full time jobs as well as maintaining our own home proved to be too time consuming.  We met Terry and knew right away that she was the right person to manage our properties.  It has been a seamless operation for the past 5 years.  She is up to date on rental laws and knows all of the best contractors for any maintenance issues that occur and the good news is that she takes care of everything.  She meets the contractors at the property and handles the entire project.  Give yourself some peace of mind and let a professional handle your property management needs.  Terry Lampiasi will provide you that peace of mind.

 Richard and Ginny Wallner
Madison Alabama

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Leasing Agent Terry Lampiasi

To Whom It May Concern,

It's hard to believe it's been over two years since we first listed our home for lease with Terry. She's made the leasing process go so well, we forget we still have a home in Madison. Leasing a home is difficult, yet she has made it easy and worry free to us.

Initially we thought of trying to lease the home ourselves. But Terry's knowledge of the leasing laws and regulations quickly changed our minds. She knew the rental values and was not only able to rapidly get top dollar for our home - more than offsetting the leasing fees, but researched the potential lessees to ensure they were qualified. On-time payments for over 2 years!!

Since we are relocated outside of Alabama, it's impossible to know what arises daily at our home and what needs to be done to take care of it. At first that was very disconcerting putting that into someone else's hands. But Terry earned our trust that issues will get resolved with a fair balance to both us and the lessee.
I thank you for all she has done. We would recommend her without a moment's hesitation as either leasing or lessee's agent. Her in-depth leasing and real estate knowledge and experience, her professional and personal contacts, her firm but personable skills with the lessees set Terry apart from all others. She certainly has our permission to use us as a very satisfied customer for reference.

Thanks again,
Clint and Carol Jones
Madison, Alabama
Terry Lampiasi reviews
We're Serious about Service

and Management Group
1618 Slaughter Rd St A
Madison, Ala 35758
Terry Lampiasi reviews

Lampiasi Management Group
City of Madison and Surrounding areas.

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Leasing or Selling
Give us a call!
Lampiasi Real Estate and Management Group

Leasing or Selling
Give us a call!
Lampiasi Real Estate and Management Group
LEASED 2018-2019

123 Grayson Ave, Madison, Al
Sold~ $175,000 4/19/2019
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Home for sale

1304 Hiwaan Trail Hsv, Al
Sold ~ $363,000 1/11/2019

118 Sweet Hollow Way, Madison,
Sold~ $127,500 3/18/2019

412 Promenade Huntsville, Al
Leased~ $1095~ 6 Days 2018

604 Cove Water Lane, Madison, Al
Leased ~ $1650 ~2 days 2019

11020 Louis Dr Huntsville, Al
Sold~ $184,900 ~ 2 Days 2018

2 Silky Oak Dr, Huntsville, Al
Sold~ $288,000 ~31 Days 2018

132 Fox Chase Trail, Toney Al
Sold~ $119,900~2 Days 2018

944 Love Branch Harvest AL
Sold~ $119,900~22 Days 2018
505 Maple Cove, Madison Al
Leased ~ $1375 ~ 9 Days 2018
107 Populus Dr, Harvest, Al
Leased ~ $1095 ~ 5 Days 2018

117 Heritage Brook Dr, Madison Al
Leased ~ $1950 ~ 20 days 2018

106 Silverthorne Dr, Huntsville, Al
Leased ~ $1595 ~ 21 days 2018

151 Autumn Branch Madison Al
Leased ~ $1350 ~28 Days 2018

101 Virginia Fern Madison, Al
Sold ~ 4 Days 2018

116 Brickstone Dr Madison
Sold ~ 6 days

156 Silo Hill Madison Al
Sold ~1 Day 2018

24 Greenbrier Woods, Madison, Al
Leased $2550~ 2 days 2018

102 Vinewood Dr, Madison, Al
Sold 1 Day ~2018

103 Forest Pointe Dr Madison Al
Leased ~ $1950 ~ 6 Days

736 Hobbs Rd, Huntsville Al
Leased~ $1250 ~ 6 Days

115 Middlewich
Leased ~ $1400 ~ 13 Days 2018

281 Waters Edge Lane

Leased~ $825~27 Days 2018

120 Tottenham, Madison, Al
SOLD! 2018

46 Maple Grove, Huntsville, Al
SOLD! 2018

106 Briarwood Dr Madison,
Leased $1500 ~ 33 Days 2018

117 Winding Creek Rd, Madison, Leased $1450 ~ 21 Days 2018  

471 Highland Dr, Madison
Leased $1450 per mo ~ 2 Days 2018

116 Brickstone, Madison

Leased $1950 per mo ~ 16 days 2017

15795 Coldwater Dr. Harvest Al
Leased $1195 Per Month  2017

100 Brier Rose Lane, Harvest, Al
SOLD! 2018

133 Brockton, Madison Al

104 Potters Wheel , Madison, Al
Leased 2017 ~ $1195

231 Watterson Way, Madison Al
Leased $2550 ~ 39 days 2017

156 Silo Hill Dr, Madison Al
Leased before circulation 2017

215 Duchess Dr, Madison Al
2016 Leased 8 days

209 Duchess Dr, Madison Al
Leased  20 Days

109 Castle View Dr, Madison, Al
2017 Leased 54 days

 159 Kenton, Madison , Al
2017 Leased 26 days

222 Cypress Creek, Madison Al
2017 Leased 8 days

12963 Dickens Lane. Madison, Al
2017 Leased 33 days

115 Stone Brier Lane, Madison, Al
Sold before circulation 2017
Previous rental

231 Wax Myrtle, Harvest Al
Sold before circulation 2017
Previous rental

245 Fields Pond Dr, Madison
Sold 24 days

Leasing or Selling  Give us a call!
Lampiasi Real Estate and Management Group

Providence Main
Leased 29 Days! 2016

215 Duchess Dr, Madison Al
2016 Leased 8 days

Vistawood Court
Leased 27 Days!

Galt Lane
Leased!!  14 Days!

 114 Preston Wood Dr
2016 Leased 15 days
Terry Lampiasi reviews